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Hello community.

FTBees is having some changes.

We are adding a new server to the FTBees family, Introducing Crackpack. This server will be REPLACING TechWorld2 and Infinity EXPERT only.

The TW2 staff team are currently putting the finishing touches to crackpack before it goes live.

We hope you look forward to these changes, If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact a member of the TW2 team or the GM's.


~The FTBees Staff team.

[Myst] rider13ktm this wait is killing me
[Member] IFISH57 wow i was here when the tw2 start. time to start a new world and lot more stuff to do
[GM] Immortal_Smith I'd be very much suprised

The monthly maintenance and alternate world reset has been complete.  Thank you for your patience.

pyRex & Staff

The Staff Team have been puting some things together and we have a project in the pipeline, and some changes comming soon... So stay tuned!

-The FTBees Staff Team

[Myst] rider13ktm Has anything happened or we still waiting
[twH-A] GamerKingdom Hmm Rex has a thing or two up his sleeve. Anything could happen.

Enjoy the clean new alternate worlds.


[Member] henoochm1254 whats that mean the warp wild?

Thank You!

[GM] Immortal_Smith posted Jun 30, 16

Summer is here and its that time to get ready for all that fun in the sun. We just want to take quick minute out of your busy schedule to Thank everyone on FTBees and our staff. With all of you, we are making FTBees a great place and a great community.


MrSmith, Nextwave, pyRex and the rest of Staff!

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