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Pending approval, we will be accepting paysafecard via PayGol!

Stay Tuned!

pyRex & Staff


Congratualtions TheEpicSuperFly for being the 9000th registered user on Feed The Bees!

You have been given 10,000 Website Credit Points, spend them wisely.

pyRex & Staff

October 1 Status

[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD posted Oct 1, 16

Alternate worlds have been reset on the following servers:




In addition to the resets, Infinity has been updated to 2.6.0.  So, update your clients.

Sorry for the inconvience and downtime, however, it's necessary.

Thanks for all the loyal players!

pyRex & Staff

[Donor] Lord_Elitius my network been knocked out and we had hurricane hit i haven't been able to get on to grab my 2 skelly spawners fro...
[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD Reset the nether and end...
[Saint] Marijnroorda77 No Alternate world reset for the crackpack? I believe some folks were anticipating that...

Unleashed has been reset!

The following has been retained



Claimblocks (will need to /abandonallclaims)

Computer Programs (upon request via Helpdesk)

Any "forever" purchases will need to be requested via the Helpdesk

I apologize for any inconvience to the new players, this map was over 2 years old and long overdue for a reset.

The shop will be running a 25% off special for the remainder of September.

Thanks - pyRex & Staff

[Owner] I_pyRex_I AD Sale is on now!
[Sup+] 94snecra01 So glad it has finally happened lol Has the 25% off already been applied to store prices or is there a promo code?
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